In honor of Father’s Day I thought I’d write about a couple of my favorite men’s products. My husband, uses most of these on the reg.

Facial Fuel: Kiehls Face Wash


leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. Great for before a shave, very gentle, but leaves the skin with that crisp refreshed feeling. helps prevent against environmental effects towards the face throughout the day.

Men’s Science Chap Stickmensblog2

prevents dry chap lips, has an spf 30, and is not greasy! My husband feeling like something is on his lips, this product is great for before his runs in the morning.

Moisturizing Shave Cream: Crew


This stuff is a life saver for sensitive skin. A close smooth shave, with no bumps afterwards.

and lastly, my favorite.

Green Irish Tweed: Creed


 Rich, Green, Spicey scent. Its on the pricey side, but cologne is one of those things that I believe is money well spent. Creed is the one of the oldest cologne houses around. They have made custom blends for celebrities and royalty for over 100 years. You will not be disappointed by the product. Stop by a Creed counter in your local Neiman Marcus.


Mariana Marie

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