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 Going to a Sunday BBQ, night on the town, or a fancy glitz party, or saying I do?… a red lip can and will always work.

Red lips, to me, are a vintage staple.


So many reds! How do you know what shade to go with? It can be so overwhelming. Have no fear, you will know by the end of this post.

Here is the easiest way to determine what shade of Red to go with. First off you need to figure out your skin’s undertone. Blue undertone, Green undertone, or a Combo of both. Look at the inside of your wrist, what color do you see from your veins? I see blue, which means I have a cool undertone. There are other ways to find your shade, but I (and many other makeup artists) follow this method.

Blue = Cool Tone = Blue Reds, Raspberry Reds, True Red.

Green = Warmer Undertone = Pinky Reds, Orangey Reds.

Combo= Neutral Undertone = Deep Red, Ruby Red, True Red.

blog photo2

These are two of my favorite, blue undertone reds. MAC Russian Red and MAC Ruby Woo.

Remember, even if a color falls outside of your “undertone” but it looks good, YOU SHOULD WEAR IT. Half of makeup looking good, is the confidence it takes to wear it.

Now that we know how to pick a shade. How do you apply the color?

Photo Credit: elan photographie

Photo Credit: elan photographie

1.Hydrate: Lip colors tend to be drying. Make sure while you are applying your foundation to prime your lips with a moisture balm. I like Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Hydrating Lip Balm. I say to do it while applying your foundation so that it has time to settle and your lip color does not slide off.

2. Lip Liner: always line when wearing RED! This helps the color from fading. Makes it bit easier to apply. Color within the lines.

3.Lip Color: Go ahead and apply the lip color of choice. Start at the inner heart of your lips, and work your way to the crease. Apply pressure for even coverage. Use 2-3 Coats. Apply a gloss over if your want that look.

4. Clean up: Take a concealer and paint around the lip line to sharpen up any bleeding color, or mistakes. (don’t worry we all make mistakes with Reds)

xoxo, Mariana Marie

“Keep smiling because Life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”

From the Famous Red Lips herself,

Marilyn Monroe

I have been loving this mini break from work, but am so excited to get back into gear come this October/November.

My husband and I are expecting our second baby in mid September. So I haven’t been taking on many gigs, due to the fact that this pregnancy has been a real kick in my butt! I was on bed rest towards the start, then was told everything was good to go. I did a few weddings in the spring… 12 between AZ and CA… and then stopped in June. I tossed in some freelance hours with Bobbi Brown and other photographers, and ended my season right in time to go back on bed rest. This time I had a 3 week stay in the hospital for preterm labor and my water broke way too early, at 30 weeks! By the grace of God, I resealed, and have been at home for the last 3 weeks. I am doing one makeup gig for a dear friend’s maternity photos, between now and when I have Henry. Which I am praying I have him in the next week or so.

It has been such a blessing that I didn’t book past June/July for any big weddings, I would of never known how to cancel on a client!

I am looking forward to working with my select brides for the upcoming wedding season. I am taking on one wedding in October, in Colorado, for my best friend who is getting hitched.

Then November I am only taking on 3 weddings. Being that I will have a new baby, I figured start small and build up to the December weddings, where I will take on 4. Starting in 2013 I am a 4 wedding a month gal. I have decided I would rather focus more personally on a select number of brides, instead of taking on 2-4 weddings a weekend.

Its great to know who I am working with, and make the bride and bridal party feel extremely cared for during their time with me. I have had weekends in the past where on a Friday- Sunday, I have literally done 6+ weddings and touched over 30 faces! It is just crazy! So my new goal is focus on intimate weddings and share those precious moments with the bride and party.

I do have slots available for photo shoot work, and wedding for 2012 and 2013. If you are interested in booking a trail, please email me at

You can check out portfolio work at my facebook page.

Thanks for keeping up with me,


Mariana Marie

Loved working with this lovely mama. Ricki is the fabulous creative mind behind LaRicki Designs. Her events are so stylish. From house parties, to formal weddings, Ricki does it all! Of course naturally when I had the chance to work with her again, I jumped on it! I love her look, in these photos captured by the professional and talented, Diana Elizabeth.

Thanks for having me beautify you for your lovely photos, Ricki!


Mariana Maire

This was beautiful wedding on the west side of town. Arrowhead, Arizona. 10 women total, including the bride. It was a long day. But I had help, from an assistant artist, Arielle. She has a company that does wedding styling, called modern vintage designs. She did a fabulous job helping out with the makeup. All the hair was done by myself, Mariana Marie.

Starting the makeup process, on the bride, Sherry.

placing Sherry’s vail

Sweet moment, between the bride and mother of the bride.

A blushing bride.

The bridal party, and the stunning party.

Thank you so much, Sherry for having Mariana Marie at your special day! It was such a pleasure to work with you and your family! I enjoyed every second of the process from trial to wedding! Happy Wedding!!!!


Mariana Marie

BoHo Home and Farm

For starters, The Blog is Amazing.

Caroline, and I have become great friends. She walks me through life. I am so blessed to have her apart of mine and my families life.

Her blog, BoHo Home and Farm is sweet and organic. She has created a warm space, for people to enjoy her reads. Not only is her site an active blog, but it also has a shop attached to it. You can purchase great lil gifts, and organic free range eggs, and veggies. Her Home is an actual farm located in the heart of the city of Phoenix. It is such an inviting and safe place for many. You feel that when you arrive. BoHo offers Jam and Canning classes. Caroline of course teaches them all.

So when she asked me to do her makeup for her recent photo shoot, of course I said yes!

It was all out doors in her lovely back yard farm.

The photos were taken by: the wonderful and talented Diana Elizabeth


Mariana Marie