This was a huge day over at Mariana Marie!

10 women total!

Mother of the Bride, 8 Bridesmaids, and THE BRIDE!

Hair and Makeup on everyone!

The Bride, I did do a trial on, and it was so great that we did.

Arielle and I started at 8 am and did back to back girls until 2pm!

Yes that is an average of 2 girls in hair and makeup per hour!

Here is a picture of Sherry the bride after going through hair and makeup :)

Sherry wanted a sexy smokey look. I will post more professional photos later.

Her hair is beautiful! We curled outward from the face with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I used a wax paste to hold curl to give her a mat finish. She absolutely loved the look!

Thanks Sherry, for allowing Mariana Marie to be a part of your special day!

I give a huge thanks to Arielle over at Modern Vintage Designs for helping out with the makeup on all of the bridesmaids!!



Trial Run? Why is this important?

I love the idea of a trail run for your hair and makeup!

I recently asked my facebook viewers, what they wanted me to blog about. A lovely photographer/friend

asked a great question: Why is it important to do a trail for your makeup and hair!?

I am going to break it down in bullet points for y’all:

~ You, as the bride, feel so much more confident in what will be doing on the day of your wedding.

~All your colors are picked out and matched.

~We do a skincare analysis at the trial.  As a licensed skin care expert, I give you recommendations of how you can improve your overall skin’s appearance by the time of your wedding. I believe you can’t obtain great makeup without having great skin.

~A trial allows for a more efficient day of. We have already accomplished the creative side of the makeup and hair. Now all we have to do is execute the look.

~If there is something the bride wants to end up changing, we have time to go back to the drawing board and not feel rushed.

~The day you do your engagement shots is a great day for a hair and makeup trial.

You are basically killing two birds with one stone. You only pay the $50 trail fee per service, rather than paying for a trail and engagement shot fee and a bridal day of fee.

~Piggybacking off of the above bullet, you look fabulous in your engagement shots!!

Here are some photos from recent trials

excuse the iphone quality.


Mariana Marie

To Book a trail, email

I had the chance to work with Melanie on her special day. She is so beautiful inside and out.

We went for a natural, fresh, flirty look. I love the how dewy and hydrated her skin looked!

She has great long locks.

We curled the ends, and finished her look off with some face framing wispy pieces.

Hair and Makeup by Mariana Marie

Photography by: Oh! Snap Photography by Carlee

Jacque is one of my great friends. Our children are a month apart. She is a interior designer, and stay at home momma.

I love her sweet little guy! G, and my lil Sophie love to play. I was so excited when she asked if I would do her hair and makeup for her upcoming family photos. Here are a couple for the

Sneak Peak!

Makeup and Hair: Mariana Marie

Photography: NTK Photography


This is such a random but amazing story. So a friend of my mother’s, daughter was getting married. Cathy, my mother’s friend, contacted me about doing makeup and hair for her daughter, Nicole’s, wedding. Nicole was getting married in San Diego. So the first random thing that happened was that I had planned a family vacation to San Diego the same weekend Nicole would be getting married there, before I knew her date. So to start off, I knew I was suppose to be working with Nicole and Cathy on this wedding!

Then it gets better, I had spoken with Nicole about who her photographer was going to be, and she said “Oh, I found the girl online. I have never met her, but she came reffered to me by another photographer in the Orange County area.” So I didn’t think much of it…I think I actually might of said, “Oh, cool!”

The day of Nicole and Kevin’s wedding comes along, and I see on facebook that

Whitney Darling Photography

will be shooting a wedding at the Hotel Del Cornado the same day that I am doing hair and makeup for a bride there. Whitney and I go back to college days, she is good friends with my good college friends. So without knowing it, Nicole had booked both of us.

So end of story, I got to work with a beautiful bride, a friend of my mother’s, and a great friend of mine in San Diego!

How much could a girl ask for??

Congratulations Nicole and Kevin, I had such a blast working with you on your special day. Cathy, thank you for contacting me and allowing me to work with you and you beautiful daughter! Whitney, you are a fabulous photographer and a sweet soul! Thanks for the shout out on the blog :)

Check out the link above for photos of the wedding!

A beautiful moment between the bride and her father.

I was so blessed to work with Nicole, the bride, on her wedding day.

A naturally beautiful girl. We went for a clean, soft, and fresh look.

Her wedding was in Hawaii and reception in Arizona. So we wanted to bring that tropical feel to the desert.

Nicole is a local wedding planner and designer.

I love her style and personal flair.

Photo Credit: Memories through Time

( btw, a fabulous photography company to work with!!!)

 Makeup: MarianaMarie

Thank you for letting me share these precious moments with you!

2 weekends back, I joined forces with ‘elan photographie at the

Ice House Phoenix.

The clients, Sam and Alexa are the greatest to work with.

Both are total fashionista/sto!

I couldn’t get enough of their style. World travels, city slickers, a fun couple to be with.

This venue is amazing: old exposed walls, concrete floors, literally ice freezers.

This is a lil bit of the goodness that came from miss Karen Scheffe, of ‘elan photographie.